The Clintons Walking in the Park Story

Since the media have no idea how to vet stories, if they even care to, I’m here to help them. The story about some park walking mom just happening across a seemingly giddy Bill and Hillary Clinton today is totally fabricated. That is, unless this person is a stalker. Here is a photo of her with Bill Clinton before the election Don’t trust the media, folks! (They lie.)

Margot Gerster with Bill Clinton


Hate to Say…

I told you so, but… Republican Establishment Has To Rein Trump in by Supporting Him.

Trump is on track to have the most GOP primary votes in history. Could you imagine how large that number would be if the two stragglers who mathematically can’t even win were out of the race already?

I’m aware Trump could be a liability. But Romney and McCain were even bigger liabilities. Think about it, people. Your guy didn’t win, let go of it.


Ted Cruz Secrets Starting to Trickle

It looks like there are some Ted Cruz secrets starting to slowly trickle out in the media that would bring any regular presidential campaign to its knees. Not that the National Enquirer is the most credible new outlet in the world, but these days it seems to get it right about as much as CNN, especially when it comes to the political pervs. Also, one HAS to wonder how this story about Cruz donating a LOT of money to Carly Fiorina’s failed campaign might play into this. It’s weird how the story sort of went noticed and then completely fell off the map. Even if it’s true, I doubt if it will have much of an effect on Cruz’s campaign, since the Republican establishment is doing everything it can now to help Cruz defeat Donald Trump – no matter how many blowhards like Erick Erickson lie about it.

One reason I find it a little hard to believe is, Who the hell would have an affair with this?

Katrina grins slyly at Ted Cruz as she worked for his campaign

Katrina grins slyly at Ted Cruz as she worked for his campaign

Indiana Woman Missing Since 1974 Found Living in Texas

Just read this article about a lady who has been “missing” for over 30 years was found alive and well in Texas. Pretty amazing.

According to state police, Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller, then 28, felt she was too young to be a mother shortly after giving birth to her third child in 1974, and signed her children over to her parents.

She then left home, never to be seen again by her family.

Anonymous ‘threatens’ ISIS

Last week, our favorite hacker collective Anonymous threatened to bring Trump down with a single backspace click. Didn’t work.

This week, they are threatening to avenge the ISIS attacks in Brussels. Maybe they can hack their suicide vests? Holding my breath…

Sanders Supporter Tries to Give Him Heart attack

A Bernie Sanders supporter protested Donald Trump, ironically, with no support at all. Although he felt a strange tightening in his…pants…they think he will pull through ok.

Also newsworthy, I do not think that word means what she thinks it means.

Obviously I’m going to the wrong rallies.

Anonymous Fakes War

A couple days ago, the so-called hacktevist group Anonymous unleashed what they called an all-out war on Donald Trump. After it was noted by mainstream media outlets that the information they “leaked” had been publicly available for years, and some of it wasn’t even right, Anonymous tried to save face by saying it was all a trick to prove that the FBI and Trump both proved that they’re just Hitler, Jr.’s. The jury’s still out on what they’re talking about. More than likely, this is as good as they could do in coming up with garbage on Trump.

What really sucks is Anonymous used to serve a good purpose. Not so much anymore. Their promises are as empty as a politician’s.

Worth a Billion Words

For what it’s worth – good or bad – has a pretty informative photo essay of life in the Donald Trump camp.

Their signs might say it all: The Silent Majority Stands with Trump. Trump events are electrified by the feeling that these people, too—many white, working- and middle-class—can be marginalized, and they’re tired of the muzzling effect of political correctness that keeps them from saying so.